Let me introduce myself and share with you many of my loves in life.  My name is Christopher, but to most people I go by Chris and honestly the women in my life are usually the ones that call me Christopher.  I get a kick when my daughter really wants my attention and uses Christopher.  Here I am with my wonderful family in Niagara Falls, Canada, for our 10 year wedding anniversary with my wife Albina and our two children.


My first job is being a father to my kids and a husband.  My day job is being an IT Manager for a small company, where I have been for 10 years now, and when someone asks me what I do, I usually say IT and such.  You see, I take care of the computers, servers, routers, switches, network, phone system, telephones, security, safety, BBQ and such.  Being a small company I step up and help out in fixing a door or getting some picnic tables installed.  So the BBQ part is something I started 20+ years ago at workplaces, where I fire up the grill or smoke some meat for an employee lunch.  I have always found as an easy sell to management to do this as where-else can you get employees to mingle and interact in a casual atmosphere.

So who am I? Well I am a DIY guy, that if I do not know it I will try to learn what needs to be done or figure it out and yes will ask for help.  I enjoy being active and love sports, with ice hockey being my favorite, which I have played since I was 3.  I learned to skate in a backyard rink pushing a milk crate and played on local golf course pond.  Never made it to the pros like I dreamed of as a kid.  I still play hockey, in what is called the beer leagues and here is a picture of me as an assist coach for my sons mini-mite team (son is in front of me or second from right).  So great to see these 6 to 8 year old kids develop and love the game.

I also love real and natural food, and prefer a home cooked meal.  I love the outdoors with everything it has to offer, camping (wilderness, tent or trailer), biking, fishing, trekking, exploring and just about anything.

Too many times I have been told I should have been a cook or have my own restaurants.  Well I almost did, but went the way of getting into computers.  I learned early on from my Polish grandmother to cook\bake, along with the idea that you do not cut corners if you want it to taste good and it does not have to look perfect to taste good.

So what do I cook\bake\BBQ\grill?  First let me start with my new Big Green Egg or BGE, I have had for 3 months now, it is a smoker, grill and oven all in one.

I love my BGE and recommend it.  I grill\smoke year-round, with the BGE I can use it in the winter in 20 degree weather with snow all around me or just about anytime I want to.  I can grill\sear meat at 600 degrees or low and slow at 225 degrees.  The BGE keeps the heat at a constant temp by adjusting the bottom and top air vent or using a BBQ Guru PartyQ (see attached to BGE bottom vent in above picture).  The BGE is well worth the investment.  See I have had before this unit a brinkman, a chargrill, a weber and a orion that I would use as a smoker or gas grill, but none of these last.  First the grilling surface would be too gross or rusted or fall apart and then the burner would rust up and then …some parts. ARGH!!

I love BBQ sauces and rubs, still trying to find that recipe or one with the perfect balance and taste.  So I keep trying and looking. I also make, cook and bake food such as breads, cakes, cookies, perogies, cal-zones, granola and just about anything too many to list.  Here is picture of some slow smoked pork loin with smoked sweet potatoes and second picture is some cal-zones I make for easy lunches.

For birthdays I like to make it all, with my wife being my sous chef begging to help take some of the load off.  My son turned 7 this past week and we celebrated this past weekend.  The menu consisted of smoked beef brisket and chicken breasts along with homemade mac-n-cheese, german potato salad, veggies and a birthday cake.  Here is a look at those smoked briskets during the 13 hours of smoking…

Now the birthday cake, which I decorated, is a coca-cola bittersweet chocolate cake with butter-cream frosting between layers and covered in chocolate ganache.

So it might not look perfect, but my son said it was perfect and it tasted fantastic.

I love learning new tricks and tips along with sharing what I find.  This is why came across this blog and other blogs in my quest.  One day I may give up my day job and start that a little smokehouse and bakehouse, but until then I look forward to sharing this guys view on food and life.  Have any ideas on a product you want a guys review on or need a suggestion on a BBQ rub or suace let me know.